The ‘Pasión’ wines have a new image


The labels of the ‘Pasión’ wines are renewed, as you can read! This step has taken us a long time to take, because there is a lot to analyse behind the final decision to change the image of a brand. In addition, our tree full of hearts is so recognisable that updating it was even […]

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Join the Sierra Norte Wine Club and enjoy all its benefits


The Sierra Norte Wine Club is now a reality. We have been working on its development for months, with a single goal in mind: to make it an attractive space full of advantages for winelovers like you, who buy and enjoy our wines. At the Wine Club you can enjoy discounts on all your wine […]

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Are screw-capped wines worse than corked wines?

A few months ago we launched our online wine shop (deliveries only in Spain), and it has been really interesting to see which wines are the best sellers. If we had done a poll on which Olcaviana would be the best-selling wines, we would have surely lost. Not because they are not superb wines, super […]

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We present you our cava Pasión Cuvée Brut Nature

This day has been a long time coming… Because we wanted infinitely to present you our Cava Pasión Cuvée Brut Nature. With him we inaugurate a series of cavas that will be completed in the coming months with a reserve, which will arrive during the month of October, and a rosé, which we will have […]

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Draw! Win a bottle of Equilibrio Sauvignon Blanc, our new wine

Six years it has cost us to ‘create’ Equilibrio Sauvignon Blanc, can you believe it? It has been a whole task of care and attention to the vineyard, because we wanted to get the quality of grapes that required its preparation, and finally we have achieved, and this is the result. It is a very […]

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The rosé wine, sophisticated, delicious and… misunderstood?

A few days ago we did a survey on our Instagram channel asking people to choose Pasión de Bobal red or Pasión de Bobal rosé. Most of our followers in this social network are from Spain, so, you can imagine that the option of the red won by a landslide. If we asked this same […]

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