The solidarity wines ‘Genéticamente Rebeldes’ with which you will help the inclusion of people with Down’s Syndrome

The solidarity wines ‘Genéticamente Rebeldes’ with which you will help the inclusion of people with Down’s Syndrome

Genéticamente Rebeldes wines have meant a before and after for us. The project we launched in support of Fundación Asindown is now a year and a half old and in this time, these solidarity wines have contributed in an important way to the social and labour insertion programmes of the non-profit organisation.

The achievement has been possible thanks to the large number of people who have opted for the purchase of the Genéticamente Rebeldes wines, whose profits go entirely to the Asindown Foundation, which works for the integral development and social and labour inclusion of people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities, at all stages of their lives.

The commitment has not only come from private individuals, but also from companies that have included Genéticamente Rebeldes solidarity wines in gifts for their employees, workers and customers, especially at Christmas. This is the case of Teika, Eurofirms, Aquaservice, Isaval, Hoteles Ilunion and Aguas de Valencia, among others.

A video with Cloe and Rafa, Asindown users, which says it all

To reach more and more people, this year we have opted for the creation of a very special video starring two Asindown users, Cloe and Rafa, both with Down syndrome, in which they can be seen participating in the process of making Genéticamente Rebeldes wines. It was a very special day and we love the result because it also has as its motto attitude, an essential element in the lives of all people. The actor Camilo García, Anthony Hopkins’ regular voice-over artist, collaborated in the voice-over of the video.

We are extremely grateful, both from Bodega Sierra Norte and from Asindown for all those people and companies that have decided to add value by choosing the wines that we elaborate with so much affection and that have a huge component of inclusion, equality, opportunities and rights for people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities.

Buy ‘Genéticamente Rebeldes’ wines

Wines of solidarity and, moreover, of high expression

The Genéticamente Rebeldes family of solidarity wines is made up of two wines, red and white, organic and vegan, whose name has been chosen from the Foundation’s own slogan.

Genéticamente Rebeldes red wine is 100% Bobal, whose grapes come from old vines over 60 years old. It is aged for 6 months in French oak barrels. In tasting, its aromas are of red and black fruits, with a touch of liquorice and light toasted notes from the barrel. A balanced wine, with a very Mediterranean personality.


Genéticamente Rebeldes white wine is made from Verdejo and a small percentage of Macabeo. It is very expressive aromatically, with hints of white flowers, summer fruit, such as apricot, and citrus. Its freshness and complexity are the result of a slight ageing in tank, on its fine lees, for two months.


The wines can be found in large supermarkets such as El Corte Inglés, Alcampo and Carrefour, in specialised shops and in online wine sales channels, including our online wine shop.

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