Despite the virus and quarantine… Happy Father’s Day!

Today, too many dads will be separated from their children because of this virus that has complicated our lives, but that is teaching us the importance of closeness, a hug and a kiss.

We want to thank our colleagues Fátima, Agustín, Ángela, Mapi, Rosa, Toni and Cristina for helping us to send this message to all the parents who today will not be able to have their children close by ❤️

#HappyFathersDay 🍷

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Does the Covid-19 have you bored at home? We propose you organize a homemade wine tasting (with downloadable file)

A long time ago, we wrote a post in which we proposed to organize a blind tasting at home with friends and we explained how to do it step by step to have a good time enjoying various wines.

With all this mess of Covid-19 that has us between four walls, you are surely looking for activities to do at home, and we have thought to adapt this activity to the current circumstance caused by the coronavirus.

If you are a sufficient number of adults at home (from three it may already be fine), you can follow the steps of the blind tasting.

If you are less, it is more complicated. In that case what we propose is to do a normal tasting.

For this we provide you with this downloadable tasting sheet, which will help you follow the steps of the three phases:

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This is how the activity of the winery changes in the face of the new situation generated by the Covid-19

In a couple of days life has taken a big turn for all of us. We are still adapting to the new situation and, starting today, we begin to take the first steps to resume the activity of the winery in the face of the circumstances imposed by the state of alarm decreed by the Government.
The country’s activity has slowed down, but in our case there are circumstances that do not stop and which we must attend to. The vineyard continues its rhythm, and we will have to continue with the controls in the field. The production work will also continue, to meet the orders that, fortunately, continue to come to us from abroad, although the nationals have suffered a considerable and logical decline. All this implies that the logistics and administration work will not be able to stop either.
But even if we continue working, we will do so by adopting new measures:

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Wine tourism in a place in La Mancha: La Roda

We have spent 20 years dedicated body and soul to make wines, to take care of the vineyard, to give the best of us in the form of a bottle. But we had that thorn of wine tourism to show you what we do, so that you know us and to know you.

And that thorn we have begun to take out in La Roda (Albacete), where we have one of our wineries, surrounded by vineyards, in the Castilian-Manchego highlands.

For several months now, we have received, any day of the week, groups that want to know closely what happens behind the walls of a warehouse. And there we explain, show and also taste, because a visit to a winery is not complete if it does not end in a wine tasting that is made there.

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Elige Pasión, the new marketing campaign for Pasión de Bobal

We present the new image chosen for the marketing campaign of Pasión de Bobal.

Attitude. Passion. Personality. Beauty. Authenticity. All this is what we want to express, because they are qualities that are found in our wine. Never doubt it. Choose Passion, in your cup and in life ;)

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We received the ‘Eduardo Mestres’ award for the best winery in the Valencian Community

We are plethoric. Really happy because we have received an appointment that for us, besides being important, is very dear. This is the prize for the best winery of the year, awarded by Eduardo Mestres, a great expert in the world of wine and father of the current Mostra Proava de Vins i Aliments.

Mestres has valued the trajectory of Bodega Sierra Norte, with our 20 years recently completed, as well as the projection that we have ahead, especially for the great commitment to wine tourism that has led us to the construction of a winery in the village of Calderón (Requena – Valencia) and the restoration of the ‘Casa Calderón’ farm, built in 1900, annexed to the new winery, with the intention of converting it into a living museum of wine and its culture. The first phase of this great work will conclude next spring and then we will begin a new and beautiful stage that will allow us to offer visits.

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Millesime Bio 2020 awards Mariluna and Fuenteseca with two medals

The Millesime Bio wine contest, one of the most demanding and relevant within the organic wine sector, has distinguished us with two medals for the white Mariluna (silver medal) and Fuenteseca white (bronze medal) wines. And precisely from today until next Wednesday, January 29, we will be in Montpellier, where we will receive the awards and where, in addition, we will participate in the fair that gives name to these awards, exclusive for organic wines and the most important internationally for this sector. We will be in hall A4, stand 1267.

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Video | Laughs to say goodbye 2019 Welcome 2020!

And here has arrived 2019! And we could with him ;)

It has been a very busy year…

In which we celebrated our 20th anniversary.

In which we have presented a new wine, Equilibrio Sauvignon Blanc, which came stomping.

In which we have told you about our next projects: the inauguration of our new winery in Calderón (Requena), in 2020.

And in which, above all, we have tried to be closer to you. And the latter we have done through videos in which you have been able to put face to some of the members of our team. Do not think that appear in videos is what we like most. In fact, we like very little :p But we have done it because we are facing challenges and because although the cameras make us nervous, we have also laughed a lot… And here, the proof :D

Happy New Year!

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Video | Manuel Olmo, the leader of a dream come true

Manuel, Manolo… With him was born 20 years ago Bodega Sierra Norte. Although maybe even before, as a child he traveled with his grandfather and his father to the family vineyards in Camporrobles. There was born his passion for agriculture, for oenology. Those vineyards that saw him grow are the seed, and the great treasure, of Bodega Sierra Norte, a project that began 20 years ago with two more friends: Lorenzo and Pedro.

We are going to do a flashback. Camporrobles, year 1999. The town is celebrating the summer festival and Manolo, Lorenzo and Pedro talk about their professional projects, about what they would like to unify the vineyards of their families and create a winery there, in the region. There are conversations that remain in the ‘And if’, in dreams thrown into the air… This time, they took the step and the dream began to materialize.

Although the word does not like it, the truth is that Manolo has been the leader of the project, as a winemaker and as a manager. Working the vineyard and making wines was something he already knew how to do. Lead teams, not so much, but he has also achieved it and by far. His main objective: to create a great family. And that is what anyone who approaches Bodega Sierra Norte can perceive.

It is the success of a job well done, of constancy, of the commitment to ecology and sustainability.

It is the success of good people.

We leave you with him :)

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