Pasión Cuvée cava, ‘sommelier’s selection’ at Tourism Paradores

It is always an honour to be included on a restaurant’s menu, but there are selection processes that go beyond the commercial aspects and that, if they go well, are a real joy.

This is what has happened to us at Tourism Paradores, where our Pasión Cuvée Brut Nature cava has managed to pass a demanding selection process, based on blind tasting. The ‘prize’ is to remain on the menu of Paradores restaurants during the second quarter of the year as a ‘sommelier’s selection and market discovery’.

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Discover the blind wine tasting pack and learn to taste as if it were a game

Organising a wine tasting at home or learning how to taste wine in a didactic and even fun way is very easy if you have our Blind Wine Tasting Pack, which we are launching in pre-sale with a discount and without shipping costs, only for a few days.

Whether you want to learn how to taste or if you already have some knowledge and want to improve your tasting, our blind tasting box will help you a lot. In it you will find everything you need to organise a wine tasting at home, at your own pace, with friends or with yourself.
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Wine tourism events at Sierra Norte Winery in Requena, Valencia

When is the next event at the winery? This is a question we are often asked, and we love it! Because it means that either you have already come and enjoyed them so much that you want to come again, or that you have heard about them and it seems to be very good.

Well, for those ‘early birds’ who want to be the first to know what’s going on, we can tell you that we already have the agenda of wine tourism events of Bodega Sierra Norte at the winery in Calderón (Requena – Valencia).

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The ‘Pasión’ wines have a new image

The labels of the ‘Pasión’ wines are renewed, as you can read! This step has taken us a long time to take, because there is a lot to analyse behind the final decision to change the image of a brand. In addition, our tree full of hearts is so recognisable that updating it was even more of a challenge.

And here we present the result, which we hope you like as much as we do.

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Join the Sierra Norte Wine Club and enjoy all its benefits

The Sierra Norte Wine Club is now a reality. We have been working on its development for months, with a single goal in mind: to make it an attractive space full of advantages for winelovers like you, who buy and enjoy our wines.

At the Wine Club you can enjoy discounts on all your wine and cava purchases, gifts for your birthday, priority access to events and private tastings, among many other advantages.

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The solidarity wines ‘Genéticamente Rebeldes’ with which you will help the inclusion of people with Down’s Syndrome

Genéticamente Rebeldes wines have meant a before and after for us. The project we launched in support of Fundación Asindown is now a year and a half old and in this time, these solidarity wines have contributed in an important way to the social and labour insertion programmes of the non-profit organisation.

The achievement has been possible thanks to the large number of people who have opted for the purchase of the Genéticamente Rebeldes wines, whose profits go entirely to the Asindown Foundation, which works for the integral development and social and labour inclusion of people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities, at all stages of their lives.

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The 6 wines from Sierra Norte that have received an A from James Suckling

When one of the wines you make receives a good score from a critic like James Suckling, it is certainly great news. So imagine if that good score is extended to 6 of your wines. That is exactly what has happened to us at Bodega Sierra Norte. In case you don’t know Suckling, he is a famous American wine critic, former senior editor and European Bureau Chief of Wine Spectator. He is a world reference.

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Our top rated wines in the Verema ADN Spanish Wine Guide

The new edition of the ADN Verema Wine Guide has already announced the wines that have entered its select club. At Bodega Sierra Norte we have received an excellent score for three of our wines, which have entered directly into the exclusive group of outstanding wines for this guide.

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