Video | Laughs to say goodbye 2019 Welcome 2020!

And here has arrived 2019! And we could with him ;)

It has been a very busy year…

In which we celebrated our 20th anniversary.

In which we have presented a new wine, Equilibrio Sauvignon Blanc, which came stomping.

In which we have told you about our next projects: the inauguration of our new winery in Calderón (Requena), in 2020.

And in which, above all, we have tried to be closer to you. And the latter we have done through videos in which you have been able to put face to some of the members of our team. Do not think that appear in videos is what we like most. In fact, we like very little :p But we have done it because we are facing challenges and because although the cameras make us nervous, we have also laughed a lot… And here, the proof :D

Happy New Year!

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Video | Manuel Olmo, the leader of a dream come true

Manuel, Manolo… With him was born 20 years ago Bodega Sierra Norte. Although maybe even before, as a child he traveled with his grandfather and his father to the family vineyards in Camporrobles. There was born his passion for agriculture, for oenology. Those vineyards that saw him grow are the seed, and the great treasure, of Bodega Sierra Norte, a project that began 20 years ago with two more friends: Lorenzo and Pedro.

We are going to do a flashback. Camporrobles, year 1999. The town is celebrating the summer festival and Manolo, Lorenzo and Pedro talk about their professional projects, about what they would like to unify the vineyards of their families and create a winery there, in the region. There are conversations that remain in the ‘And if’, in dreams thrown into the air… This time, they took the step and the dream began to materialize.

Although the word does not like it, the truth is that Manolo has been the leader of the project, as a winemaker and as a manager. Working the vineyard and making wines was something he already knew how to do. Lead teams, not so much, but he has also achieved it and by far. His main objective: to create a great family. And that is what anyone who approaches Bodega Sierra Norte can perceive.

It is the success of a job well done, of constancy, of the commitment to ecology and sustainability.

It is the success of good people.

We leave you with him :)

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Video | Cristian Ortiz, the record of constancy and good work

When Cristian arrived at Bodega Sierra Norte he was not even of age. He was a 17 year old youngster eager to learn and work. This attitude has led him to perform various jobs, earning ever greater share of responsibility, and today he is responsible for the production and bottling. Cristian is an indispensable part of our team, and we want to introduce you :)

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Video | Toni Córcoles, day-to-day work at street

Commercial work is one of the most important in a winery, because all the previous work of creating a wine is of little use, if it finally fails to reach restaurants and stores, and therefore, all of you. Therefore, our commercial department is a priority. In it we have several colleagues, such as Ricardo Calatayud, Carmen Gambín and Enrique Mendoza, and with them is Toni Córcoles, responsible for the commercial area in the national market, and who has been in Bodega Sierra Norte since 2009. One of its main roles is to maintain constant contact with distributors, stores and restaurants, to know how they take orders, that they do not run out of stock and that they taste the new wines that we bring to the market, as well as the new vintages.

Here we leave you with him, who in a minute tells us what his job is.

Many thanks to Sommelier Express and Navarro Bodeguero for collaborating with us in this video :)

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Video | Do you want to enter the laboratory of our winery? Almudena shows it to you

In a winery there is also an area full of specimens and where you work with a dressing gown. It is the laboratory, where technology helps us determine important wine values, such as acidity or alcoholic strength. In Bodega Sierra Norte, the person in charge of the laboratory is Almudena Bolinches, who along with her partner Cristina, performs a vital task for the final result of our wines. We present it in this video!

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Video | Javier Pardo, or the man whose DNA, for sure, carries wine

Javier Pardo, Javi for all the partners, lives the wine with great intensity. He is part of Bodega Sierra Norte from the beginning and without him nothing would be the same, of course, neither our wines. He is a winemaker, one of the three winemakers we have in the cellar, because here things are done as a team, and wine is no exception.

In this video we approach his professional work during the most intense days of the year: the harvest. A few months in which, as he says, they disappear from the map. From the family map, of course. Since almost 24 hours pass between the vineyard and the winery, shaping what will be the next vintage :) We leave you with him!

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Video | Jaime Gil, our quality manager and the one who sees everything

In the cellar, everything goes through him, Jaime. Because he is responsible for the quality department, and that means controlling the entire production process. It is the figure in charge of traceability, since since the grape is harvested and until it leaves the cellar converted into wine, the control must be constant for quality reasons and, more importantly, for food safety.

International, national, regional regulations, of protected designation of origin… Everything must be taken into account, and of course, also the certifications to which we are subject to cultivate our vineyards under the criteria of organic farming and because our wines are, in addition, vegans. All this entails a series of processes, with their subsequent audits, which make Jaime’s work essential.

He himself tells us in this video in which you can meet another interesting professional profile that is in a cellar.

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We invite you to taste our award-winning wines, Pasión de Bobal and Fuenteseca blanco, at FEREVIN

We already have with us the gold medals of our award-winning wines in the Ferevín Wine Contest: Pasión de Bobal red and Fuenteseca white. If you want to try them, we are waiting for you from today and until next Sunday, August 25 at Requenense Fair Wine, in Requena :)

Because there we will be at our stand, with the most representative wines of the winery, among which are, in addition to the winners, the whole family of Pasión wines (Pasión de Bobal rosé, Pasión de Moscatel and Pasión de Monastrell), Mariluna, Fuenteseca, Cerro Bercial and Equilibrio.

If you are inclined to taste the award-winning wines, here is a preview of what you will find:

Pasión de Bobal red

It is a wine complex enough to please demanding palates, but at the same time, very pleasant to drink, as well as to like younger winelovers pefiles that tend to look for freshness and wines with a lot of fruit and varietal expression. Its aromas are red and black fruits, like strawberry, raspberry or cassis. There are also spicy touches and some licorice. When you drink it, you perceive a tasty, fruity wine, with light touches of vanilla and toasted from the six months spent in French oak barrels.


White Fuenteseca

Before you you have a white wine, young but with a lot of personality. For its preparation we have chosen Macabeo and Sauvignon Blanc, which provide a series of very interesting aromas, such as white flower, tropical fruit, apricot skin and fennel. As we told you, it is a young wine and at the same time very elegant. Very fresh on the palate, but very broad, tasty and with an excellent acidity and balance.

We wait for you with them in Ferevín!

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Video | We introduce you to Pili, the last link in the bottling line

Pili and Carmen are the last people through which the bottles pass before leaving the winery. They are responsible for the definitive quality control of the appearance of our wines. They check that the bottle is perfect, as well as the label and the capsule, and if everything is correct, they are put in their boxes. It is an essential work and that in Bodega Sierra Norte we prefer to continue doing people instead of machines.

Pili tells us in this video what his work consists of, that he lives so much that he even takes it to the personal sphere ;)

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