Are screw-capped wines worse than corked wines?

A few months ago we launched our online wine shop (deliveries only in Spain), and it has been really interesting to see which wines are the best sellers. If we had done a poll on which Olcaviana would be the best-selling wines, we would have surely lost. Not because they are not superb wines, super aromatic and excellent value for money. No, it’s not because of this, it’s because they are screw-capped wines. And this, in Spain, is a trademark. Why is that? Basically because it is usually associated that wines with screwcaps are wines of poorer quality.

But we really think that something is changing, because many of you are choosing Olcaviana in your online purchases, which also have an excellent quality-price ratio. And we are very happy about this, because it shows that we are eliminating prejudices, and that is always a good thing.

This debate has been largely overcome in a large part of the world, in fact, in the most consuming countries, such as Northern Europe, the United States or Canada, the consumption of wine with screw cap wins by a landslide. And would they choose it if the quality of the wine was worse? Obviously not, as they are demanding markets.

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The ideal plan for your holidays is called wine tourism

Looking for a plan to enjoy your holidays in Spain? Great! Because if these days you are both in the Valencian Community and in Castilla-La Mancha from Bodega Sierra Norte we have interesting proposals that you will enjoy a lot.

We are talking about wine tourism visits to our wineries in Calderón (Requena) and La Roda (Albacete), where we will welcome you with a glass of wine, we will give you a guided tour of the winery in a pleasant and educational way, and we will finish with a tasting of three of our wines accompanied by baked bread, organic oil, artisan cheese, local sausages and chocolate, yum! And, of course, taking into account all the hygiene and safety protocols that mark the Covid time. Because our wine tourism, as well as being very interesting and fun, is also safe.

So if gastronomic and wine tourism is one of your passions, we are going to tell you what we offer you in the visit to our two wineries, so you can choose the best plan. In addition, to make it easier for you, wine tourism bookings can be made directly from our website, quickly and easily.

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How to do a wine tasting at home [with downloadable sheet].

Not even the most homely people ever imagined having to spend so much time at home. We hope you’re coping well. But if the roof is falling in on you and you’re looking for activities for your leisure time beyond Netflix, we’re going to give you a good idea that you’ll especially enjoy if you’re a wine lover. How about doing a professional wine tasting at home?

Tasting wines as experts do can help us discover aspects and sensations that often go unnoticed. And the truth is that it is something very curious and fun that brings you even closer to this wonderful world of wine. Here we are going to propose two types of tasting, so that you can choose according to your tastes and possibilities. And we are also going to make it easy for you to download a tasting card that will be ‘your treasure map’ in this adventure, as it will guide you in a very simple way to discover all the secrets of the wine, or wines, that you have chosen.

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This is the best organic wine in the Comunitat Valenciana: Bercial Blanco Selección

It is in front of you. Bercial Blanco Selección is the best organic wine in the Comunitat Valenciana (Spain). And we do not say it from Bodega Sierra Norte because we have made it. No. It is said by the I Ecological Wine Contest of the Valencian Community, organized by Proava and the Committee of Ecological Agriculture of the Valencian Community (CAECV), and where 99 wines from 27 wineries have participated.

If you want to know the most special characteristics that this wine has, keep reading, because we are going to tell you all the secrets. And if you want to try it, we leave you here a link so you can buy Bercial Blanco Selección, directly from the winery, in our online shop.

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Equilibrio 9, highlighted as the best wine with barrel by The Drink Business, after 3 MW blind tasting

Imagine the scenario. Convent Garden (London). For several days, 3 Masters of Wine (Patrick Schmitt, Simon Field and Patricia Stefanowicz) have been tasting wines from all over the world for the “The Autumn Blind Tastings” contest of the prestigious British publication, The Drink Business. And after several days and many wines tasted by the blind tasting system, the results arrive. And you know what? Well, our Equilibrio 9, 100% Monastrell from the PDO Jumilla, has been highlighted as the best red in the category of barrel wines :D

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Our wines win the 1st Organic Wines Contest of the Valencian Community and we celebrate it with this promotion

It was the first edition and we couldn’t miss it. And the desire was so great that we have swept the I Contest of Ecological Wines of the Valencian Community, organized by Proava and by the Committee of Ecological Agriculture of the Valencian Community (CAECV). Of the 15 awards awarded, 6 come to Requena, home, including the Grand Prize, which has gone to Bercial Blanco Selección, cataloged as the best wine of the 99 tasted from a total of 27 wineries. What an honor! The truth is that this wine is one of the most complex that we make, an unusual white, with 3 months of aging in French oak barrels, made with the Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Macabeo varieties from selected plots.

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The Pasión Cuvée family grows with a Reserva Brut Nature cava

We are excited to introduce you to our new cava, the second of the Pasión Cuvée family, in this case a Reserva Brut Nature, made with high quality grapes, organically grown and with a careful and patient elaboration.

The new Reserva, with a select and more gourmet profile, is made with Chardonnay and Xarel-lo grapes, which we have harvested at night in the best plots we have in our new location in Calderón (Requena) to ensure excellent organoleptic characteristics. The cava is made only with the flower must, the fruit of a first, gentle pressing, which ferments at a controlled temperature of no more than 15º to preserve all its nuances. The second fermentation is carried out in the bottle itself, as well as the ageing, for a period of more than 15 months.

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Your online wine purchase takes you on wine tourism, for free

For every six bottles of wine that you buy in our online store, we give you a wine tourism experience. The card with the gift will arrive within your order, and also, it is not nominative, so you can enjoy it or give it as a gift. In fact, it is a fantastic option for your Christmas gifts ;)

If you still do not know our online store, it is certainly a good time. It allows you to buy all our wines, organic and vegan, directly from the winery and you will have them at home in a maximum of 48 hours. Shipments in Spain are free from €50 and currently, with the active promotion of a free wine tourism experience for every six bottles purchased.

The wine tourism experience consists of a guided tour with a pairing tasting in our new winery in Calderón (Requena) or in the winery in La Roda (Albacete), and it can be enjoyed until March 31, 2021.

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Safe wine tourism in Bodega Sierra Norte | Covid protocols

Receiving you in our home in these times is a great responsibility for us. On the one hand, we want you to fully enjoy the wine tourism experience that we propose both in the Calderón winery, in Requena, and in the La Roda winery, in Albacete. And on the other hand, our priority is that these visits are safe. Therefore, we are adapting them to the Covid protocols as security measures are established, depending on the phase in which we are.

We tell you the measures we carry out for wine tourism visits in our wineries in times of Covid:

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From the vineyard to your home: we inaugurate our online wine store

You have been asking us for a long time if we have an online shop for our wines. And you know what? We’ve gotten tired of always saying ‘No, we’re sorry’. So from now on, we will answer that question with a resounding YES, and with a link to the Bodega Sierra Norte online shop. Yes! Because we open a store and we do it in style. And we celebrate it with free shipping costs from €20 purchase, only until October 31 and for shipments within Spain. For shipments to other countries, you can consult

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