We tell you everything about the trending wine, the ‘orange wine’

‘Orange wine’, what inspires you? If you are unfamiliar with the term you may find that what most will think is a wine made from oranges. It is true that in some cases orange wines are made to which orange peels are added to flavor them, but that is not the reason why it has that name, but its amber color, which is obtained by its particular way of production. These wines are trending, especially in northern European countries, but the truth is that they have a long tradition. We give you details!

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Pasión de Moscatel, gold medal at the Citadelles du Vin 2020 awards

Gold! That is the medal that has come down to us from Bordeaux, from the Citadelles du Vin competition, where the great wines of the world are tasted. This year the tasting was held in June and the panel of experts was made up of more than 50 high-level international tasters. And the gold has gone directly to Pasión de Moscatel, a dry-made wine jewel, something unusual in working with the Moscatel grape, which is often used to make sweet wines, especially in our production area, the Valencian Community.

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This summer, we take you free of wine tourism

Collaboration. It is a word that we love, and in these times, even more. So we have pulled it to organize an action in Jumilla, with several of its restaurants, bars and specialized stores (you have the complete list at the end of this post). And thanks to that collaboration, many people like you will be able to enjoy a wine tourism experience for two for FREE in two of our wineries: La Roda (Albacete) and Calderón (Requena, Valencia), the latter from October when it will be inaugurated :D

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Winemakers, we are back! We resume wine tourism in La Roda

LET’S GO BACK! And we really wanted… We have missed you so much… And, fortunately, it is mutual! Because we already have a small waiting list to resume those visits that we had to cancel when the state of alarm began.

So, we officially inform you that starting next Tuesday, June 16, we will resume the wine tourism activity in La Roda (Albacete), and of course we will do so with all the safety guarantees for visitors.

You can book your wine tourism visit at


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Natural Wine vs. Organic Wine. Are they the same? What difference there are? We will tell you!

We have recently introduced our first natural wines: 1564 Natural White and 1564 Natural Red, which in addition to being natural, are organic, vegan and without added sulphites. In the different presentation tastings we have seen how many people confuse both concepts and are not clear what each of them means 100%. So we have proposed to clarify doubts in this post. Here we go!

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We join the #EnoturismoParaSanitarios campaign and 60 health professionals will enjoy it

They have been on the front line. They have been the most exposed due to their direct contact with those affected by Covid-19. They are exhausted from the work done and the stress suffered... And a campaign that we fell in love with from the first moment and to which we have joined is directed at them. This is#EnoturismoParaSanitarios, thanks to which a large number of health professionals from all over Spain can enjoy dozens of wine tourism offers for free, because now it is up to us to take care of them. Leer más

The 1564 Syrah wine wins a gold medal in the Gilbert Gaillard competition

And suddenly, with the world upside down, an email arrives with a new award. It has caught us a bit of surprise, attending other urgencies, but the truth is that it has been a ray of light that has come in very handy :) And the wine that has given us joy has been 1564 Syrah, who has won a medal gold in the Gilbert Gaillard contest, organized by the prestigious French wine magazine of the same name. If you do not know this wine yet, we invite you to find out all its production secrets, but, in addition, we will give you a summary below.

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Despite the virus and quarantine… Happy Father’s Day!

Today, too many dads will be separated from their children because of this virus that has complicated our lives, but that is teaching us the importance of closeness, a hug and a kiss.

We want to thank our colleagues Fátima, Agustín, Ángela, Mapi, Rosa, Toni and Cristina for helping us to send this message to all the parents who today will not be able to have their children close by ❤️

#HappyFathersDay 🍷

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