How to do a wine tasting at home [with downloadable sheet].

Not even the most homely people ever imagined having to spend so much time at home. We hope you’re coping well. But if the roof is falling in on you and you’re looking for activities for your leisure time beyond Netflix, we’re going to give you a good idea that you’ll especially enjoy if you’re […]

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The Pasión Cuvée family grows with a Reserva Brut Nature cava

We are excited to introduce you to our new cava, the second of the Pasión Cuvée family, in this case a Reserva Brut Nature, made with high quality grapes, organically grown and with a careful and patient elaboration. The new Reserva, with a select and more gourmet profile, is made with Chardonnay and Xarel-lo grapes, […]

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Your online wine purchase takes you on wine tourism, for free


For every six bottles of wine that you buy in our online store, we give you a wine tourism experience. The card with the gift will arrive within your order, and also, it is not nominative, so you can enjoy it or give it as a gift. In fact, it is a fantastic option for […]

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Safe wine tourism in Bodega Sierra Norte | Covid protocols

Receiving you in our home in these times is a great responsibility for us. On the one hand, we want you to fully enjoy the wine tourism experience that we propose both in the Calderón winery, in Requena, and in the La Roda winery, in Albacete. And on the other hand, our priority is that […]

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From the vineyard to your home: we inaugurate our online wine store

You have been asking us for a long time if we have an online shop for our wines. And you know what? We’ve gotten tired of always saying ‘No, we’re sorry’. So from now on, we will answer that question with a resounding YES, and with a link to the Bodega Sierra Norte online shop. […]

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Discover the tasting shop in our new winery in Calderón (Requena)

Both if you enjoy your summer in the Utiel-Requena region or if you are in another area but you plan to make getaways to enjoy inland tourism, we invite you to visit the space that we have opened in our new winery located next to the village of Calderón, in Requena. It is a tasting […]

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This summer, we take you free of wine tourism

Collaboration. It is a word that we love, and in these times, even more. So we have pulled it to organize an action in Jumilla, with several of its restaurants, bars and specialized stores (you have the complete list at the end of this post). And thanks to that collaboration, many people like you will […]

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Winemakers, we are back! We resume wine tourism in La Roda

LET’S GO BACK! And we really wanted… We have missed you so much… And, fortunately, it is mutual! Because we already have a small waiting list to resume those visits that we had to cancel when the state of alarm began. So, we officially inform you that starting next Tuesday, June 16, we will resume […]

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