The ‘Pasión’ wines have a new image

The ‘Pasión’ wines have a new image

The labels of the ‘Pasión’ wines are renewed, as you can read! This step has taken us a long time to take, because there is a lot to analyse behind the final decision to change the image of a brand. In addition, our tree full of hearts is so recognisable that updating it was even more of a challenge.

And here we present the result, which we hope you like as much as we do.

Now, the tree with hearts is in a forest with other trees, which for us symbolise how this brand, which began with a single wine, Pasión de Bobal red, grew and incorporated other references that are also very well known in the market, such as Pasión de Bobal rosé and Pasión de Moscatel. All of them are single-varietal wines made with native varieties from the Valencian Community. This forest also symbolises our own growth as a winery, with new brands and references.

The label also incorporates the silhouette of small birds, with which we show our commitment to biodiversity. This is something we put into practice on a daily basis in the care of our vineyards, which we work following the criteria of organic agriculture, in a balanced, respectful and sustainable way.

The new image will be incorporated as we launch the new vintages on the market. This week we have launched Pasión de Moscatel, in its 2022 vintage, with its new label. Before the end of the year we will launch Pasión de Bobal rosé, vintage 2022, and at the beginning of next year we will release Pasión de Bobal red, vintage 2021.

Wines with a passionate history


Pasión de Bobal red wine was the first single varietal wine produced by Bodega Sierra Norte with the native grape of Utiel-Requena. Until then, the single varietal Bobal wines on the market were complex and difficult to understand for the average consumer.

With Pasión de Bobal, Sierra Norte wanted to break down these barriers and create a wine that everyone would like, easy to understand and with character, which was a great difficulty. Four months after being on the market, Robert Parker awarded it 90 points and its demand increased exponentially.

Pasión de Bobal pulled us along and helped us to become better known as a winery. It is a wine that has given us many joys, that has received countless awards, that has allowed us to grow, to reach new markets and even to expand our team.


In 2011 came its first companion, Pasión de Bobal rosé. A wine that also marked a big difference between the Bobal rosés on the market until then, especially for its pale colour and attractive tonality, which at first generated some controversy, but which over time has become a benchmark.


We waited until 2013 to add another wine to this brand, Pasión de Moscatel. Once again, a native Mediterranean varietal. And, once again, a unique production as the Muscat variety is usually used to make sweet wines, but in this case the wine obtained is dry, fresh and with a great presence of aromas of flowers and white fruits.

Pasión is the wine brand that has meant a before and after for us. It has made us reach many consumers, because of its quality, its image… Because of a combination of factors of which we are very proud. We hope you like the new image as much as the old one.

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