‘Genéticamente Rebeldes’, the solidarity wine with which you can help Fundación Asindown

We have spent so many months working on the conception of these wines, that having them in front of us and being able to present them is a great satisfaction. Here you have Genéticamente Rebeldes, the solidarity wines with which you will be contributing to support Fundación Asindown with every purchase. Specifically, the contribution will go to the project ‘La Mare que va’, a space in La Marina de Valencia that will offer training in hospitality and catering to people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities, to contribute to their social and occupational integration.

Genéticamente Rebeldes red is a 100% organic and vegan Bobal, whose grapes come from old vines over 60 years old. This highly expressive wine is also aged for 6 months in French oak barrels. In tasting, the aromas are clearly of red and black fruits, with a touch of liquorice and light toasted notes from the barrel. A balanced wine with a very Mediterranean personality.

Genéticamente Rebeldes white is an organic and vegan wine made from a coupage in which the Verdejo grape predominates, with a percentage of Macabeo. It is an aromatically very expressive wine, with hints of white flowers, summer fruit, such as apricot, and citrus. It is particularly notable for its freshness and complexity, the result of a slight ageing in tank on its fine lees for two months.


The wine can now be found in specialised shops, in large supermarkets such as El Corte Inglés, Alcampo and Carrefour, and in our online wine shop.

Building this project together with Fundación Asindown has been very enriching, as it has allowed us to get to know in a very personal way the work they do for the social and labour inclusion of people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities. Knowing that part of our work will go towards promoting their work is really satisfying for all of us.

‘La mare que va’, integrating from training in the hospitality sector

If you are from the Valencian Community or if you are familiar with Valencian language, you will know the expression ‘La mare que va’. For those of you who don’t know what it means, we can tell you that this expression is used when something surprises you a lot. When Fundación Asindown presented its project to institutions and companies, the most common phrase they used to hear was this, so they decided to use it to baptise this magnificent initiative.

Thanks to it, Fundación Asindown will train boys and girls with Down’s syndrome and intellectual disabilities in hotel and catering, with the aim of contributing to their social and labour insertion, as well as making their abilities visible.

But Asindown wants to go a step further, as ‘La mare que va’ is projected, in addition to being a school, as a multidisciplinary space around inclusion, which seeks to bring together the world of culture, the business world and public administrations, as a key point of meeting and coexistence, and with an environment that favours collaboration and inclusion.

Fundación Asindown, the driving force and developer of the initiative, is a non-profit organisation created in 1989 in Valencia by parents of children, young people and adults with Down’s syndrome and other intellectual disabilities. Since then, its work has focused on facilitating and promoting whatever means are necessary to achieve the integral development of its members, and to favour their full family, educational, labour and social integration as an active part of society.

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