Introducing our new organic rosé cava Pasión Cuvée

Introducing our new organic rosé cava Pasión Cuvée

We had been biting our tongues for a few months to make sure we didn’t let slip that we had a new cava in our hands, and a very special one at that.

It is a rosé cava, organic and vegan, which is part of the Pasión Cuvée range of cavas. It is a brut cava with 9 months of ageing in the bottle that has turned out great. We have made it with two grape varieties, Pinot Noir and Garnacha, selected from the best plots. Once in the winery we have made a second selection and from these grapes we have only worked with the free-run juice, which is the first to be extracted after a light pressing, as it is the most aromatic and of the highest quality.

The winemaking process has been very careful, and this is evident in the result. Its pale pink colour is very elegant. It is an aromatic and very fruity cava, with floral notes and hints of redcurrant and cherry. It also has hints of honey and toast. All this to the sight and smell, but once you taste it, it is clear that you are in front of a cava with a perfect balance between presence, intensity and elegance.

It is our first rosé cava and completes the ‘Pasión Cuvée’ family of cavas, which we presented last year with the launch of a brut nature, aged for 9 months in the bottle, and a brut nature reserva, aged for more than 15 months in the cellar. All of them are cavas produced in Requena under the Cava Designation of Origin.

You can discover this cava on a visit to our winery in Requena.

After more than 20 years of making wine, we were eager to present our first cavas, but we were missing the vineyard! About three years ago we were able to acquire 30 hectares of vineyards under the DO Cava, and this was the definitive step. The vineyards are next to our new winery in Calderón, a small village very close to Requena. If you haven’t visited it yet, we highly recommend it. We organise wine tourism experiences with visits to the winery and wine tasting. Both the surroundings, full of vineyards, and the winery, with its bioclimatic and sustainable construction, are well worth a visit.

At the winery we have a wine bar where you can taste any of our wines and cavas, on a small terrace overlooking the vineyard. We also have a shop where you can buy wine and cava directly from the winery. A perfect plan for any day of the week or for the weekend. We leave you here the access to the booking page for visits to the winery in Requena.

So here we are waiting for you, with open arms and our new organic and vegan rosé cava Pasión Cuvée Brut. A rounded plan that you will enjoy and that will not lack detail.

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