Olcaviana and Fuenteseca, winners in the International Competition of Ecological Wines

Olcaviana and Fuenteseca, winners in the International Competition of Ecological Wines

The ecology we have very internalized, so much so, that in 2000, just when we were born as a winery, the Ecological Agriculture Committee declared all our vineyards in Camporrobles ecological. And those that we have been acquiring over the years, in other areas like Jumilla and La Roda, also have the same qualification.

So we can participate in the competitions for organic wines that are celebrated all over the world, which are becoming more and more important. One of the most important is the International Organic Wine Award, and it is in this, in its 2017 edition, in which we have obtained three medals: one gold for Olcaviana Tempranillo and two silver for Olcaviana Verdejo and Fuenteseca white.

In the contest have evaluated three aspects of wine under a system called PAR:

1. P, product: in which is valued its origin, location, class, aging and everything that has to do with its elaboration process.
2. A, of analysis, which refers to the tasting in its three phases: visual, olfactory and gustative.
3. R, ranking: where they objectively measure a series of aspects that are sought in wine, such as balance, tannins, astringency …

And the conclusions in the case of our three wines, have been very satisfactory and is what has earned us these three medals.

Let’s get to know these champions a little better!


Olcaviana Tempranillo, gold medal

Olcaviana Tempranillo is a young wine that we made in La Roda (Castilla-La Mancha), where we have a vineyard and a wine cellar. The Olcaviana family is born there, and also the 1564. In this case, Olcaviana Tempranillo, is a very fruity wine, with intense notes of cherry and plum, on delicate aromas of violet. Very frank in the mouth, fresh, tasty and elegant. It is a perfect wine to pair with tapas, sausages and barbecues.

Olcaviana Verdejo, silver medal

This is one of the three white wines we have in the Olcaviana family, which in total consists of 6 wines (three red and three white). In its elaboration we have only used the Verdejo variety, which gives it a very specific personality, since they are wines that let express themselves completely to the variety. In this case, we have a straw yellow wine with green tones, with great intensity in the nose that leaves details of tropical fruit, wrapped with varietal aromas more vegetables, like the box-bush or the fern. A very fruity wine that, being white and young, has volume, and this is achieved because after the fermentation process we let it rest with its fine lees, protecting it from oxidation and providing it with that volume of which we spoke and softness.

Fuenteseca white, silver medal

Fuenteseca is a family of wines with which we compete in many contests and that accumulates many deserved medals. The winner at the International Organic Wine Award is Fuenteseca white, a wine made with Macabeo and Sauvignon Blanc. In it we find aromas with white flower, tropical fruit, skin of apricot and fennel. It is a wine, young, but complex and elegant, very fresh in the mouth and at the same time ample and tasty. With an excellent acidity and very balanced.

If you have been wanting to try some of these wines, you can ask where to buy them, although you can also have a look at the points of sale in Spain that we have published on our website.

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