Our enologist, Mapi Domingo, elected best winemaker of the year by AVE

Our enologist, Mapi Domingo, elected best winemaker of the year by AVE

Deserved? Well-deserved! And not because we love her very much and we can not be objective, at all… But because she is a great professional, with an excellent career and also, a wonderful companion. She is Mapi Domingo, who has been recognized as the Enologist of the Year of the Valencian Community by the Valencian Association of Winemakers (AVE).

Mapi has been part of the Sierra Norte family since 2005, and since then she has not stopped working and adding. In addition to participating in the production of wines as important to us as Pasión de Bobal, Bercial and Mariluna, she directs the project that we have had for six years in La Roda. There she controls 70 hectares of vineyard grown in organic and is the main responsible for two of the brands with more projection in export, 1564 and Olcaviana, with 9 references.

The appointment will be official next Saturday, but since she was informed she is living it with much emotion and with much humility, because that is her …

And why me? With the number of good winemakers and winemakers that there is in the Valencian Community“, she told us.

Well, according to AVE, for her training and for his unstoppable career. For his constant work and full dedication to a world that she loves. She enlarges the scope and distributes the prize. “I believe that it is not only a recognition to my person, I live it as a prize to all the people around me, my colleagues, colleagues, family and friends, because they have helped me to evolve professionally”.

From Sierra Norte we are very proud of her work, of having her in our ranks, from elbow to elbow, on a daily basis. So, we repeat… Deserved, no, well-deserved!

Congratulations, Mapi! Congratulations, mate!

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