Pasión de Moscatel, a gold monovarietal wine in the Monovino awards

Pasión de Moscatel, a gold monovarietal wine in the Monovino awards

Pasión de Moscatel has won one of the important gold medals of the annual MonoVino awards. A contest that only focuses on monovarietal wines, that is, wines made from a single type of grape. And our white wine Pasión is made only with Moscatel, a variety of grapes very Mediterranean, which is usually used, especially for sweet wines, the traditional ‘Moscateles’.

But at Bodega Sierra Norte we like to be innovative, and when we decided to go for a Muscatel monovarietal, we never thought of a sweet wine.

We wanted to make a ‘dry’ wine, but without taking away the expression of the Moscatel grape. So in Pasión de Moscatel we find a perfect wine to accompany a good rice of seafood, fish, white meats, a delicious table of soft cheeses… And in it we will find very Mediterranean aromas, of flowers like the orange blossom, of fruits like the apricot and the green apple. A dry and fruity wine, with good acidity, that fills your mouth with nuances and leaves a spaciousness and freshness in your mouth that invite you to continue enjoying it.

And with these virtues, Pasión de Moscatel, has won that gold medal that we have granted in the MonoVino. An honor that has also had, in previous editions, other of our wines, such as Pasión de Monastrell, another very Mediterranean grape that if you still do not know, we encourage you to discover.

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