Pasión de Bobal rosé, gold medal at the Sommelier Wine Awards, highly regarded in the UK and USA

Pasión de Bobal rosé, gold medal at the Sommelier Wine Awards, highly regarded in the UK and USA

If a wine enters the list of the Sommelier Wine Awards, it can be said that it has entered the olympus of wines for the British and American market, and if it does so thanks to a gold medal, the valuation they have made of that wine is of honor registration. And this is exactly what has happened with Pasión de Bobal rosé :)

The professionals who have awarded the gold medal to our most passionate rosé are carefully selected judges, including Master Sommeliers and Masters of Wine, that is, great experts accustomed to tasting great wines from around the world. And all of them have agreed to award a gold medal at the Sommelier Wine Awards to Pasión de Bobal Rosé.

What characteristics of the wine have enchanted the jury? There have been several. The tasting is undoubtedly the most definitive aspect, and in this case, in its three phases, this wine is very attractive. Starting with the color, a beautiful bright light pink; following its aromas of abundant red fruit and a subtle memory of rose petals; and ending with its gustative phase, with its good structure, as it is a tasty, broad and balanced wine. Do we summarize? A delight.

In addition, they have also taken into account its elaboration, which is very meticulous, with a maceration of the must with its skins at very low temperature for 16 hours, to release the maximum aromas. After this phase, the first amount of bleeding must is obtained and it is fermented at a controlled temperature.

This work in the winery gives Pasión de Bobal rosé many points, but what most influences the final result is the quality of the grapes, selected in the field, from a vineyard with more than 40 years located on the plot with the highest elevation, at about 900 meters altitude. And of course, organically grown.

As we always say, it is one thing to read it, and another to taste it. If you do not know it, we invite you to do it as soon as possible ;)

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