Cerro Bercial Ladera Los Cantos and Pasión de Monastrell, two of the best 400 wines in Spain

Cerro Bercial Ladera Los Cantos and Pasión de Monastrell, two of the best 400 wines in Spain

The 2017 edition of the AKATAVINOS awards has left us a gold medal for Cerro Bercial Ladera Los Cantos, which has been valued with 94 points by the tasting panel, which has had to deal with hundreds of wines until choosing the 400 winners, the considered the best 400 wines of Spain. In the contest also has been awarded with a distinction the wine Passion of Monastrell.

What can we highlight of Cerro Bercial Ladera Los Cantos?

The first thing is to tell you that the Cerro Bercial is our premium brand. This means that if in all our wines we put dedication, affection and grapes of great quality, with Cerro Bercial we curl the curl. In it we only destine those that we consider the best grapes, from the best plots. That is, a selection of the selection.

In the case of the award-winning wine, the red Ladera Los Cantos is made from Bobal from one of our oldest vineyards in excess of 60 years, and Cabernet Sauvignon, from vineyards over 40 years old. That is, guarantee that the raw material, the grapes, is of an exceptional quality, since the old vineyards produce little but very good. In addition, these vineyards are located at more than 900 meters in altitude, in the highest production area with the entire region of Utiel-Requena. This makes it possible to have slightly more extreme temperatures between day and night, which also leaves its imprint on the grape and therefore on the wine, giving it a differential character.

And then there is the elaboration, in which we put great care to obtain a wine of high expression. We did it by carrying out a long and peculiar work, with phases of pre-fermentation maceration in cold, long alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature and postfermentative maceration with its skins. After this stage, the wine performs the malolactic fermentation in 100% French oak barrel of first use and ages in it until 18 months.We finish the workd with a later aging of 10 months in the bottle.

The result is a fine wine in aromas, fresh, elegant, with a marked mineral character and fine toasted. Memories of cacao and ripe fruit on understory background. Complex and expressive. Silky tannins within a light structure but with great persistence and elegance.

The prize for Cerro Bercial Ladera Los Cantos in the AKATAVINOS has not been the only one, we have also obtained a distinction with another unique wine from our Pasión family, specifically with Pasión of Monastrell. We introduce it to you.

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