Video | Toni Córcoles, day-to-day work at street

Video | Toni Córcoles, day-to-day work at street

Commercial work is one of the most important in a winery, because all the previous work of creating a wine is of little use, if it finally fails to reach restaurants and stores, and therefore, all of you. Therefore, our commercial department is a priority. In it we have several colleagues, such as Ricardo Calatayud, Carmen Gambín and Enrique Mendoza, and with them is Toni Córcoles, responsible for the commercial area in the national market, and who has been in Bodega Sierra Norte since 2009. One of its main roles is to maintain constant contact with distributors, stores and restaurants, to know how they take orders, that they do not run out of stock and that they taste the new wines that we bring to the market, as well as the new vintages.

Here we leave you with him, who in a minute tells us what his job is.

Many thanks to Sommelier Express and Navarro Bodeguero for collaborating with us in this video :)


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