Three golds in the 2018 Wine Up Guide: Pasión de Bobal and Cerro Bercial!

Three golds in the 2018 Wine Up Guide: Pasión de Bobal and Cerro Bercial!

A blind tasting, about 700 wines to try and … 3 golds for our wines! The 2018 Wine Up Guide has recognized +91 points to Pasión de Bobal 2016 and Cerro Bercial Blanco Selección 2015, and with +90 points to Cerro Bercial Ladera Los Cantos 2014.

The valuation of wines and spirits is 100% blind, without exception. Precisely, that is the value of this guide, ignore, a priori, of what winery is the wine, the area and the PDO During the Wine Up tasting only the type is indicated (white, pink, red, sparkling, generous, distilled by type) and after that, year and time in barrel (up to 6 months, from 6 to 12 and more than 12).

These scores are included in the Wine Up Guide that will be published the first week of February. And this is what they have said about our wines!

Pasión de Bobal 2015 | +91 points


Pasión de Bobal is one of our best known and awarded wines, made with grapes from old Bobal vineyards that in Bodega Sierra Norte work in a balanced, respectful and sustainable way. In the Wine Up tasting note they describe it like this: “Cherry red, purple border, high layer. The nose is intense, loaded with black fruit, balsamic, a subtle memory of syrup, some caramel, subtle smoked, black licorice … to give you time. The palate is intense, as well as on the nose, with a noble tannin that accompanies and gives meatiness, a good, persistent finish, a faithful reminder of the nose aromas.

Cerro Bercial Blanco Selección 2015 | + 91 points

Cerro Bercial Blanco Selección is one of our premium wines, made with selected grapes from the best plots of the Chardonnay (45%) Sauvignon Blanc (40%) and Macabeo (15%) varieties. In Wine Up they describe it like this: “Lemon yellow with golden reflections. Complex nose, touches of lemon, cream, fine pastries, subtle caramel and butter, candied orange peel. The palate is intense, good acidity that brings life, freshness, unctuous, with volume, enveloping. In aftertaste it brings back the aromas of the nose with clarity”.

Cerro Bercial Ladera Los Cantos 2014 | + 90 points

Red Cerro Bercial Ladera Los Cantos is made with the highest quality grapes from the best plots of Bobal (65%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (35%) varieties. The Wine Up tasting note describes it this way: “Cherry red, red border with middle layer. In complex nose, balsamic, blackcurrant mixture, a subtle touch of liquor and lacquer. The palate shows character, accompanying tannins, which gives structure, meatiness, accompanies the memory of cocoa, subtle coconut, vanilla, a wine to give you time. “

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