Your online wine purchase takes you on wine tourism, for free

Your online wine purchase takes you on wine tourism, for free

For every six bottles of wine that you buy in our online store, we give you a wine tourism experience. The card with the gift will arrive within your order, and also, it is not nominative, so you can enjoy it or give it as a gift. In fact, it is a fantastic option for your Christmas gifts ;)

If you still do not know our online store, it is certainly a good time. It allows you to buy all our wines, organic and vegan, directly from the winery and you will have them at home in a maximum of 48 hours. Shipments in Spain are free from €50 and currently, with the active promotion of a free wine tourism experience for every six bottles purchased.

The wine tourism experience consists of a guided tour with a pairing tasting in our new winery in Calderón (Requena), and it can be enjoyed until March 31, 2021.

The promotion will remain active until November 26.

Choose from our great online selection of organic and vegan wines and come, free, of wine tourism

Our vineyard is organically grown and, consequently, our wines are certified organic and also vegan. Our catalog is very wide and in it you can find very different wines in its elaboration. The most exclusive brand is Bercial, since they are parcel wines, made with grapes selected from specific parcels, traditional vintage and a longer period in the barrel, which in the case of the red Ladera Los Cantos is 18 months, and in the case of Bercial Blanco Selección, is 3 months.

Our first Cava Pasión Cuvée Brut Nature, organic, can also be found in the online store. A magnificent option for those who choose cava to accompany a complete meal. Very aromatic and fruity, with notes of peach and citrus, as well as fine pastries. On the palate it is expressive and elegant.

If you like to taste wines made with native varieties, don’t miss the following wines: Pasión de Bobal red, Pasión de Bobal rosé, Pasión de Moscatel, Pasión de Monastrell, Equilibrio 4 and Equlibrio 9. All of them are monovarietal wines made with native grapes from the Mediterranean. La Bobal is typical of Utiel-Requena, it is a complex grape for making wine, but well treated and knowing all its secrets, it provides us with magnificent wines, both red and rosé. Moscatel is a white grape with which sweet wines are traditionally made, but we have turned the concept around and made a dry wine, Pasión de Moscatel, which is full of delicious nuances. Monastrell is a grape from the Alicante and Jumilla area, with it we make Pasión de Monastrell and all the reds of the Equilibrio brand. This variety provides tasty, fresh, slightly balsamic wines, with good body and well marked ripe tannins.

And if you are one of those who enjoys discovering special wines, don’t miss our natural wines 1564 Natural White and 1564 Natural Red. Both are wines without added sulfites. In the case of 1564 Natural White, it is a white wine made using the red technique, and the result is a very special and very well-made orange wine.

It is just a small appetizer of everything that awaits you in our online store. We invite you to take a tour of it to discover, choose, enjoy and come free of wine tourism ;)

Author of the cover photo: Salva Malonda.

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