This summer, we take you free of wine tourism

This summer, we take you free of wine tourism

Collaboration. It is a word that we love, and in these times, even more. So we have pulled it to organize an action in Jumilla, with several of its restaurants, bars and specialized stores (you have the complete list at the end of this post). And thanks to that collaboration, many people like you will be able to enjoy a wine tourism experience for two for FREE in our winery in Calderón (Requena, Valencia).

How to win one of our wine tourism experiences?

It’s simple. We only ask you to consume in the bars and restaurants that participate in the proposal 3 bottles of our Equilibrio wines (PDO Jumilla): Equilibrio Sauvignong Blanc, Equilibrio Joven, Equilibrio 4 and Equilibrio 9. Or to buy 3 bottles of Equilibrio in any of the specialized stores that have joined the initiative. IMPORTANT! You have to ask for the tickets, where you must specify that the wine is EQUILIBRIO, and keep them, since they will be the receipt

How long do I have to consume or buy the three bottles?

You have from July 3 to August 31, 2020.

Direct gift, without draws

If you meet the requirements (purchase or consumption of the three bottles in the period that the promotion lasts and you have the tickets as proof), the prize is direct, no draws ;)

You have the tickets, now what?

Write to us at and send us your purchase tickets scanned. Also tell us which winery you want to visit and the date chosen. Keep in mind that the visit to Calderón (Requena) will only be possible when we open the winery, and the forecast is for October. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Remember that when you come to see us, we will need you to bring the purchase tickets, since they will be your ticket :)

Until when can I enjoy my gift

The visits can be made until December 31, 2020.

We present you the Equilibrio wines, so you know which one best suits your winelover profile

Equilibrio Sauvignong Blanc is a very aromatic white wine, with hints of tropical fruit such as pineapple, fennel and white flower. It is an elegant, very fresh and very fruity wine. Perfect for summer and to be taken with seafood or vegetable rices, fish, seafood or a soft cheese board. Incidentally, this wine is organic and vegan.

Equilibrio joven is a red with aromas of red and black fruit, which we also find when we try it. It is a wine with great liveliness and very balanced. It is ideal for pairing with white meats, not very spicy sausages, stews with rice and semi-cured cheeses.

Equilibrio 4 is 100% Monastrell that has spent 4 months in mixed barrels of second filling with American oak and French oak. This means that we are dealing with a wine with more body and with the touch that the wood prints, but which still maintains the aroma and fruit flavor. It is a fresh wine, with aromas of black fruit, spices and undergrowth. In the mouth it has a very good body and will be delicious if you accompany it with a barbecue, spoon dishes or dry rice.

Equilibrio 9 is the wine with the highest range of the four, since its production and elaboration are somewhat more complex. For example, the grapes with which it is made are 100% Monastrell from old vineyards over 40 years old. In its production, this wine spends 9 months in mixed second-fill barrels of French and American oak. It has a bright cherry red color and aromas of ripe red fruit combined with pleasant toasted notes from the barrel. In the mouth, an explosion of flavors of tasty, spicy and balsamic red fruit. With volume and persistent. Ideal with red meats, roasts, stews and cured cheeses. It is a wine that accumulates numerous gold medals in high level competitions, such as the Berliner Wein Trophy, among many others.

List of participating restaurants, bars and specialty shops

  • Restaurante Reyes Católicos | Avda. Reyes Católicos, 33 – Jumilla.
  • Restaurante Campo Nuevo | N-344, Km 57 – Jumilla.
  • Central Bar Café | Centro cultural Roque Baños – Jumilla.
  • Bar Venecia | Calle Dr. Fleming, 7 – Jumilla.
  • Salones Media Luna | Ctra Jumilla Yecla, km 73 – Jumilla.
  • Bar Carrión | Calle Calvario, 64 – Jumilla.
  • Café París | Calle Dr. Fleming, 4 – Jumilla.
  • Bar Restaurante Gémina | Avda. Murcia – Jumilla.
  • Restaurante Wilson | Plaza Ingeniero José María Abreu, 1 – Jumilla.
  • Vinotería Los Chilines | Avda. de Levante, 69 – Jumilla.
  • Casa Canales | Calle Cánovas del Castillo, 45 – Jumilla.
  • Restaurante San Agustín | Avda. Ntra. Sra. de la Asunción, 62 – Jumilla.
  • Cervecería Levante | Avda. de Levante, 18 – Jumilla.
  • Bar Paraíso | Calle Cura Abellán, 23 – Jumilla.
  • Restaurante Casa Sebatián | Avda. de Levante, 6 – Jumilla.
  • Horno Rufino | Calle Tornero, 1 – Jumilla.
  • Bar Chaparral Jardín | Avda. Reyes Católicos, 3 – Jumilla.
  • Los Tres Soles | Calle San Pascual, 15 – Jumilla.
  • Restaurante de Loreto | Calle Canalejas, 73 – Jumilla.
  • Restaurente Pueblo Nuevo | Calle Estacada, 84 – Jumilla.
  • Restaurante Lebiram | Avda. Reyes Católicos, 13 – Jumilla.
  • Keltoi Jardín | Plaza Rey Don Pedro I, 7A – Jumilla.
  • Sala Tabú | Calle Colón, 3 – Jumilla.
  • La Macarena Bar de Vinos | Calle Cánovas del Castillo, 36 – Jumilla.
  • Bar Jardín | Plaza del Rollo, 11 – Jumilla.
  • Restaurante London City | Avenida de Levante, 36 – Jumilla.
  • Nuestro Bar | Calle de los Milanos, s/n – Jumilla.
  • Bar La Tapa | Calle Marchante – Jumilla.
  • Bar Pabellón | Calle Valencia – Jumilla.
  • La Cervecería del Monasterio | Plaza Rey Don Pedro I, 1 – Jumilla.
  • Ké Punto | Calle Cánovas del Castillo, 18 – Jumilla.

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