Wine tourism in a place in La Mancha: La Roda

Wine tourism in a place in La Mancha: La Roda

We have spent 20 years dedicated body and soul to make wines, to take care of the vineyard, to give the best of us in the form of a bottle. But we had that thorn of wine tourism to show you what we do, so that you know us and to know you.

And that thorn we have begun to take out in La Roda (Albacete), where we have one of our wineries, surrounded by vineyards, in the Castilian-Manchego highlands.

For several months now, we have received, any day of the week, groups that want to know closely what happens behind the walls of a warehouse. And there we explain, show and also taste, because a visit to a winery is not complete if it does not end in a wine tasting that is made there.

In the visits to the winery of La Roda we taste three wines that are born there: 1564 and Olcaviana. The 1564 are wines with a more complex elaboration and with barrels. And the Olcaviana are young wines full of freshness. And as a good wine is best tasted with an appropriate pairing, the tasting is accompanied by Manchego cheese and chocolate, two foods that perfectly match with a good glass of wine.

And if we add a Room Escape Room ’to wine tourism?

At La Roda winery we also offer an extra for those looking for different emotions. For them, the experience begins with an ‘Escape Room’. In our barrel room there is a secret space, full of challenges and riddles, which will need to be resolved in order to get out of it. Having this experience in an environment like the one offered by the winery is already enough for some visitors, others prefer to celebrate their achievement after leaving the room, and this is done by completing the experience with the complete visit to the winery and with the tasting-pairing later.

If you feel like joining any of these experiences, you can write an email to

And if you want to expand information or know the prices, we tell you everything here.

Soon, our wine tourism proposal also in Requena

In a few months we will remove the thorn completely. Because what has started in La Roda will have its continuity in Calderón, a small village of Requena where we are about to inaugurate our new winery. It is a project dreamed for many years and that will materialize in spring.

In Calderón, visitors will be able to travel to the past thanks to the 1900 winery that we have preserved and that will be visited. And they will also be part of the most innovative present, since the new winery incorporates the latest technologies for winemaking, in an efficient building, with plant and material roofs that favor the correct use of resources such as water or electricity.

We are looking forward to showing you. There is very little left. Meanwhile we will continue to receive you at La Roda. Nice to meet you and tell you how is this work, that of winemakers, with which we vibrate so much and so well.

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