We invite you to taste our award-winning wines, Pasión de Bobal and Fuenteseca blanco, at FEREVIN

We invite you to taste our award-winning wines, Pasión de Bobal and Fuenteseca blanco, at FEREVIN

We already have with us the gold medals of our award-winning wines in the Ferevín Wine Contest: Pasión de Bobal red and Fuenteseca white. If you want to try them, we are waiting for you from today and until next Sunday, August 25 at Requenense Fair Wine, in Requena :)

Because there we will be at our stand, with the most representative wines of the winery, among which are, in addition to the winners, the whole family of Pasión wines (Pasión de Bobal rosé, Pasión de Moscatel and Pasión de Monastrell), Mariluna, Fuenteseca, Cerro Bercial and Equilibrio.

If you are inclined to taste the award-winning wines, here is a preview of what you will find:

Pasión de Bobal red

It is a wine complex enough to please demanding palates, but at the same time, very pleasant to drink, as well as to like younger winelovers pefiles that tend to look for freshness and wines with a lot of fruit and varietal expression. Its aromas are red and black fruits, like strawberry, raspberry or cassis. There are also spicy touches and some licorice. When you drink it, you perceive a tasty, fruity wine, with light touches of vanilla and toasted from the six months spent in French oak barrels.


White Fuenteseca

Before you you have a white wine, young but with a lot of personality. For its preparation we have chosen Macabeo and Sauvignon Blanc, which provide a series of very interesting aromas, such as white flower, tropical fruit, apricot skin and fennel. As we told you, it is a young wine and at the same time very elegant. Very fresh on the palate, but very broad, tasty and with an excellent acidity and balance.

We wait for you with them in Ferevín!

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