Video | Manuel Olmo, the leader of a dream come true

Video | Manuel Olmo, the leader of a dream come true

Manuel, Manolo… With him was born 20 years ago Bodega Sierra Norte. Although maybe even before, as a child he traveled with his grandfather and his father to the family vineyards in Camporrobles. There was born his passion for agriculture, for oenology. Those vineyards that saw him grow are the seed, and the great treasure, of Bodega Sierra Norte, a project that began 20 years ago with two more friends: Lorenzo and Pedro.

We are going to do a flashback. Camporrobles, year 1999. The town is celebrating the summer festival and Manolo, Lorenzo and Pedro talk about their professional projects, about what they would like to unify the vineyards of their families and create a winery there, in the region. There are conversations that remain in the ‘And if’, in dreams thrown into the air… This time, they took the step and the dream began to materialize.

Although the word does not like it, the truth is that Manolo has been the leader of the project, as a winemaker and as a manager. Working the vineyard and making wines was something he already knew how to do. Lead teams, not so much, but he has also achieved it and by far. His main objective: to create a great family. And that is what anyone who approaches Bodega Sierra Norte can perceive.

It is the success of a job well done, of constancy, of the commitment to ecology and sustainability.

It is the success of good people.

We leave you with him :)


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