Three of our wines, awarded gold medals at the 7th FereVin Wine Competition

Three of our wines, awarded gold medals at the 7th FereVin Wine Competition

Fuenteseca, gold medal in the category of young red wine. Bercial Ladera Los Cantos, gold medal in the category of red wine with more than 12 months in oak barrels. Bercial Blanco Selección, gold medal in the category of oaked white wine. These were our award-winning wines in the 7th FereVin Wine Competition, with a single prize in each category. In addition, we have been the most awarded winery, obtaining three of the 10 prizes awarded by the jury.

These prizes are awarded by FereVin, which is the Requena Wine Fair and, therefore, the participating wineries are all from the region. During two days, the tasting committee has evaluated all the wines presented and the final result has been very positive for our wines, once again this year.

The awards went to two very different wine profiles from those we make in Sierra Norte. Fuenteseca is our most affordable young wine, and Bercial, both white and red, are our premium wines, the most select, plot wines whose grapes are the best from our vineyards. Maintaining a balance in the quality and personality of the wines, whatever their price level or exclusivity, is something complicated, but at Sierra Norte we try to do it year after year. Seeing the result reflected in the competitions, from the hand of expert tasters, is really satisfying.

Fuenteseca red, gold to youth

With Fuenteseca we always say the same thing… It is a young wine, yes, but… what a great personality! Because it has body and character. It is a very fresh and fruity wine, just as we like it. It also has a marked presence of tannins. It is made with Bobal and Cabernet Sauvignon and one variety accompanies the other in a magnificent way, they are pure balance. Part of the secret of Fuenteseca red quality lies in the harvest, in which each variety is harvested separately and at its optimum moment. This means that we have to wait up to three weeks to harvest both varieties, and we can assure you that it is well worth it. Fuenteseca is an organic and vegan wine. You can buy Fuenteseca red wine in our online shop.

Bercial Blanco Selección, distinction made wine

Those who enjoy full-bodied white wines may well find their new favourite wine in Bercial Blanco Selección. This is an exclusive plot wine that has spent 3 months in French oak barrels during its elaboration. The grapes chosen for the alchemy are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Macabeo, and all of them come from the best vineyards in different plots located at an altitude of 920 metres above sea level, the highest area of the Requena-Utiel region. And in oenology, as we all know, the higher the altitude, the better the quality of the grapes and, therefore, the better the wines. And Bercial Blanco Selección is a great example, which also comes from organic viticulture and is also certified as a vegan wine. You can buy Bercial Blanco Selección in our online shop.

Bercial Ladera Los Cantos and its 18 months of ageing

We present our red wine par excellence. The most distinguished and deserving of FereVin gold on its own merits. Bercial Ladera Los Cantos is made with Bobal and Cabernet Sauvignon, its grapes come from old vineyards over 60 years old. It is what we call a wine of high expression, something we achieve with the extreme selection of the clusters that will give it life, and with a complex and laborious winemaking process that culminates with a rest in French oak barrels for 18 months. The result is a complex and expressive wine, with great persistence and elegance. This wine is also certified organic and vegan. You can buy Bercial Ladera Los Cantos in our online shop.

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