The vines also cry

The vines also cry

In March the vines cry… But they are not living any drama, the truth is that life returns to them after the period of dormancy in which they remain during the winter. We tell you why…

The action starts at the roots, which perceive more heat in the earth and begin to activate, generating activity in the form of sap. This begins to ascend to feed the plant and provide it with all the energy it needs for the tremendous work it has to undertake.

The sap, in its ascent, ends up coming out through the cuts of pruning. It is then that these drops are generated, these tears, which leave us one of the most beautiful images of the grapevine cycle.

It is the unequivocal sign that soon they will sprout again, that a new crop will start, a new vintage.

* Thanks to Raúl for the photos :)

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