The ideal plan for your holidays is called wine tourism

The ideal plan for your holidays is called wine tourism

Looking for a plan to enjoy your holidays in Spain? Great! Because if these days you are both in the Valencian Community and in Castilla-La Mancha from Bodega Sierra Norte we have interesting proposals that you will enjoy a lot.

We are talking about wine tourism visits to our wineries in Calderón (Requena) and La Roda (Albacete), where we will welcome you with a glass of wine, we will give you a guided tour of the winery in a pleasant and educational way, and we will finish with a tasting of three of our wines accompanied by baked bread, organic oil, artisan cheese, local sausages and chocolate, yum! And, of course, taking into account all the hygiene and safety protocols that mark the Covid time. Because our wine tourism, as well as being very interesting and fun, is also safe.

So if gastronomic and wine tourism is one of your passions, we are going to tell you what we offer you in the visit to our two wineries, so you can choose the best plan. In addition, to make it easier for you, wine tourism bookings can be made directly from our website, quickly and easily.

→ Visit the Calderón winery in Requena: avant-garde and sustainability

If you are in the Valencia Region, we are waiting for you in Calderón (Requena). Very near from Valencia, just 60 kilometres from the city, you will find a paradise for wine tourism, the DOP Utiel-Requena. And in the heart of the region you will find our recently opened winery. We will welcome you in an avant-garde and sustainable building, very modern and at the same time totally integrated in a rural landscape of vineyards and small villages, where you will breathe authenticity and relaxation. Next to the new winery is the old winery, Casa Calderón, which dates back to 1900 and which we are restoring to complete the wine tourism offer with other types of services.

At Calderón we offer you an alternative option. If instead of visiting the winery you prefer to come and drink some wines, our wine bar-terrace will be open every day, so it can also be a great plan. A very special place to have a few wines in Requena, with views of the surrounding vineyards.

→ La Roda: wine tourism and escape room

If you are in Castilla-La Mancha, we invite you to La Roda (Albacete). In our stately winery, surrounded by vineyards, an entertaining wine tourism visit and a tasting with local products awaits you.

Here, in addition, we have a plus for those of you who are looking for different experiences, as we organise visits to the winery that include an escape room for adults and children, a proposal that delights everyone who tries it.

In addition, both La Roda and Requena offer a magnificent gastronomic offer. So after the visit and the wine tasting, you can go on a gastronomic tour to enjoy their wonderful local products which include cheeses, sausages (Requena’s is very famous), olive oil, sweets (mmm those Miguelitos from La Roda…), and of course, wine! By the way, both in Requena and La Roda you can buy wine directly from the winery, as we have a shop where you will find all our brands. A wide range of organic and vegan wines from five Protected Designations of Origin (Utiel-Requena, Valencia, Alicante, Jumilla and Cava) and one Protected Geographical Indication (Vino de la Tierra de Castilla).

Wine tourism is a must! Because it is a fun, educational activity in which you discover new wines and get closer to an exciting world in a very special way.

We are waiting for you!

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