The 1564 Syrah wine wins a gold medal in the Gilbert Gaillard competition

The 1564 Syrah wine wins a gold medal in the Gilbert Gaillard competition

And suddenly, with the world upside down, an email arrives with a new award. It has caught us a bit of surprise, attending other urgencies, but the truth is that it has been a ray of light that has come in very handy :) And the wine that has given us joy has been 1564 Syrah, who has won a medal gold in the Gilbert Gaillard contest, organized by the prestigious French wine magazine of the same name. If you do not know this wine yet, we invite you to find out all its production secrets, but, in addition, we will give you a summary below.

This wine is made in La Roda (Castilla-La Mancha), and although our group of oenologists always works as a team, Mapi Domingo, who was named best winemaker of the year by the Valencian Association of Winemakers. 1564 Syrah is a wine that really stands out. In the tasting, the red and black fruit is very present, as well as the soft toasted and spicy touches provided by the wood, since this wine undergoes malolactic fermentation in barrels and then rests for 4 months in French and Central European oak barrels, until the moment of its bottling. This in the mouth results in a tasty, round wine with good acidity and long persistence.

This 100% Syrah wine, organic and with the certificate of vegan wine, is made with great care and the result is 10, both for beginners in the enjoyment of wine, and for more experienced drinkers who will find in it the expression and personality of the chosen grape, always present in our wines. 1564 Syrah belongs to the range of wines that we produce under the IGP Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla certification.

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