So we pamper the restaurants, with wine training for their staff

So we pamper the restaurants, with wine training for their staff

In many occasions, the restaurants do not have the figure of the sommelier, nor do they have the time or capacity to train their staff in matters related to wine, and this is an aspect that can cause the end customer’s experience not to be 100% satisfactory. That is why from Bodega Sierra Norte we support the restaurants that have our wines in their menus with training courses for room staff, so they can offer rigorous information about the wines that will best match their dishes.

And that’s exactly what we have done with L’Enric, a restaurant located in the heart of Barcelona ‘Ensanche’ that has in its wine list Pasión de Bobal red, Pasión de Bobal Rosé and Pasión de Moscatel.

L’Enric team explains the most relevant characteristics of the range of wines chosen. For example, they are special wines because they are monovarietal made with Mediterranean autochthonous grapes, and in the case of Bobal, a grape that is only found in Utiel-Requena and small areas of the Manchuela. That the vineyards where their grapes are grown are old vineyards is also a relevant fact that the customer interested in wine will like to know, because this means a low production but of extreme quality. And in the case of Pasión de Moscatel, note that it is a wine made from a variety of grapes that is rarely used to make dry wines, it is also striking.

And then there is the most important part, that of pairing. That the staff of a restaurant knows how to advise which wine to choose based on the dishes chosen by the client is a point in their favor, because the diner’s experience will be much more complete. And beyond the typical tips, such as red meat with a barrel red or fish with white wine, we also provide information that leads to more striking pairings.

For example, pairing a dish with salty touches, such as anchovies or salted fish, with a white wine with fruity touches, such as Pasión de Moscatel. Or opt for a young red or with a small barrel, for a fish that is accompanied by some sauce, to give contrast but at the same time prevent the flavor of the fish from being lost.

And of course, we also give advice from ¡DANGER, DANGER !, because there are dishes and wines that will hardly find harmony, and this is something that neither diner nor restaurant wants to ever happen.

The formations are activities that we enjoy a lot, because thanks to them our wines reach the final public better and at the same time we give a premium service to the restaurants that rely on our wines and work philosophy :)

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