We present you our natural wines without sulfites, one of them, an orange wine

We present you our natural wines without sulfites, one of them, an orange wine

We present to you some very special and very natural newcomers. They are our 1564 Natural Wines, new wines sulphites free and, of course, organic and vegan. They are two wines, one red, the 1564 Natural Red; and an orange wine, 1564 Natural White. We present them to you and we tell you their peculiarities and benefits.

As you know, our vineyard cultivation is organic and, consequently, our wines too. We are fully committed since the beginning of our activity, 20 years ago, with the environment and with minimal intervention in the vineyard. And that path has led us to want to go one step further: launch a new range of natural wines.

What are natural wines?

They are wines sulphites free, that is to say, to which neither yeasts nor preservatives have been incorporated. It is important to know that all wines have sulphites in a natural way, since these are generated in the fermentation phase of the wine, but it is common for some elaborations to add some more sulphites that act as preservatives. These added sulfites are not only used in the wine sector, many beverages and foods also incorporate them. But there are people who don’t like these sulphites, and they may even have allergic reactions. For them, and also for those who prefer to drink a more natural wine, we have created the 1564 Natural Wines.

1564 Natural White is an orange wine, also called orange wine, and is made only with Verdejo grapes. Its production process begins with the night harvest and, once in the cellar, the must obtained is fermented together with its proportional part of skins at controlled temperature. Every day we subject it to pumping over, which is a process that helps us obtain the maximum aromatic capacity of the grapes and the light amber color tone typical of orange wines. Once the fermentation is complete, the wine spends two months incubating, with light pumping over. All this work and care gives rise to a fresh wine, with a vegetal and citric character, which gives it work with its skins.

For its part, 1564 Natural Red is a Syrah single-varietal of selected grapes. In its elaboration process, the wine is incubated to carry out spontaneous fermentation thanks to the natural yeast of the grapes themselves. The only intervention is light pumping, which helps to extract the minimum amount of tannin and results in a fruity and sweet wine, with a pleasant structure, which favors the expression of the variety, the soil and the environment.

It has been many months of work to find these wines, which are undoubtedly different, and which have had a complex production technique. And we simply love the result, and those people who prefer a wine without added sulphites will also like it very much, either by choice or by allergies. We hope you like them as much as we do :)

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