Pasión de Moscatel, gold medal at the Citadelles du Vin 2020 awards

Pasión de Moscatel, gold medal at the Citadelles du Vin 2020 awards

Gold! That is the medal that has come down to us from Bordeaux, from the Citadelles du Vin competition, where the great wines of the world are tasted. This year the tasting was held in June and the panel of experts was made up of more than 50 high-level international tasters. And the gold has gone directly to Pasión de Moscatel, a dry-made wine jewel, something unusual in working with the Moscatel grape, which is often used to make sweet wines, especially in our production area, the Valencian Community.

At the competition, Pasión de Moscatel had to fight for his medal with more than 1,000 wines from some 40 countries. Due to the variety of wines that compete and their level of quality, this contest is considered one of the most prestigious international competitions, so we are especially proud of this medal for our Pasión.

The award-winning wine, Pasión de Moscatel, stands out for its aromatic strength, something very characteristic of the Moscatel variety, which provides notes of white flowers and fruits like apricots and green apples. As soon as this wine enters our mouth, we detect great freshness, it is fruity, broad and of excellent acidity, with many pleasant nuances. Perfect for any moment and sublime on hot summer days.

Pasión de Moscatel is part of a very special family of wines that is completed with the red Pasión de Bobal and Pasión de Monastrell, and with Pasión de Bobal rosé. These four wines are monovarietal, that is to say, only a single grape is used in their elaboration, and all of them, Moscatel, Bobal and Monastrell, are indigenous grapes of the Mediterranean, with great personality, which we have worked with perseverance and care to create expressive wines to the maximum with a markedly Mediterranean character. All of them, in addition, organic and vegan Valencian wines ;)

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