Pasión de Bobal wins a gold medal in the first contest TopWine 2017

Pasión de Bobal wins a gold medal in the first contest TopWine 2017

Pasión de Bobal red has won a gold medal in the first TopWine 2017 event, an event in which 492 references of 32 denominations of origin have been participated, open to wineries around the world. Of all of them have received medal 121 references, all those that have passed the 83 points in the tasting by the jury.

The gold obtained by Passion de Bobal places the wine score between 89 and 93 points. Another important fact is that Pasión de Bobal has been the only award-winning wine of the Region of Valencia.

Pasión de Bobal is a wine made with only 100% Bobal grapes, from old vineyards over 60 years old, cultivated at more than 920 meters above sea level, which brings a unique microclimate, with very different temperatures between the day and the night that help that the grape completes its maturation in optimal conditions.

The wine brings aromas of red and black fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries and cassis, with a creamy and light toasted accompaniment of the barrel, some spicy touch and some licorice. In the mouth it is very tasty, fruity, with spherical tannins, good acidity and light touches of vanilla, smoke and toasted.

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