Olcaviana Merlot, Excellence Award Wines of Albacete

Olcaviana Merlot, Excellence Award Wines of Albacete

We are really happy to tell you that our Olcaviana Merlot wine has won one of the awards of the ‘Excellence Wines of Albacete 2017’. This is the first edition of a contest organized by the Official College of Oenology of Castilla-La Mancha, the Albacete Diputación, Albacete City Council and the Ministry of Agriculture, and only is open to wines produced in the province of Albacete .

And that is the case of Olcaviana Merlot, because it is one of the wines we produce in La Roda, a project that we started in 2011 with great enthusiasm and where we have a winery and 70 hectares of vineyard, much of it with foreign grapes such as Merlot, Petit Verdot, Viognier, Riesling, among others, that have adapted perfectly to the extreme climate of the plain.

In Sierra Norte the oenological work is done as a team, but in this case there is a person who is the alma mater of everything that happens in La Roda, and she is our oenologist Mapi Domingo, who coordinates the technical team in the field and also in the cellar.

In La Roda we made two wine brands, 1564 and Olcaviana, the last one with 6 wines, all of them young and organic: Olcaviana Sauvignon Blanc, Olcaviana Verdejo, Olcaviana Chardonnay, Olcaviana Tempranillo, Olcaviana Merlot and Olcaviana Cabernet Sauvignon.

We thank the organization of the contest the prize and we encourage you to try it. On the web you can find the reference of shops where you can find our wines. Olcaviana has a very good presence in Albacete, and can be found in La Bodega de Serapio.

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