Video | Jaime Gil, our quality manager and the one who sees everything

In the cellar, everything goes through him, Jaime. Because he is responsible for the quality department, and that means controlling the entire production process. It is the figure in charge of traceability, since since the grape is harvested and until it leaves the cellar converted into wine, the control must be constant for quality reasons […]

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Video | We introduce you to Pili, the last link in the bottling line

Pili and Carmen are the last people through which the bottles pass before leaving the winery. They are responsible for the definitive quality control of the appearance of our wines. They check that the bottle is perfect, as well as the label and the capsule, and if everything is correct, they are put in their […]

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Video | He is Fernando, and he knows everything about the vineyard!

Name, Fernando. Last name, García. By profession, official caretaker of our vineyards in La Roda, which pampers above all things. He is the field technician and controls 70 hectares of very different varieties, with which we then elaborate our wines ‘Olcaviana‘ and ‘1564‘. He knows everything about the vineyard and it is between strains where […]

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Video | We present Rosa Pardo, the ‘boss’ of the accounts in Sierra Norte

Rosa has ‘the power’ in Sierra Norte. She laughs when we tell her, but we do not lie, because after all she controls all the financial part. In her area she works with two other compañeras, Mª Carmen and Ángela, among the three they coordinate a department full of numbers, invoices, taxes and many etceteras. […]

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Video | She is Mapi Domingo, winemaker and one of the pillars of our winery

As you know, throughout this year, that of our 20th anniversary, we are introducing you to several professionals from our winery in different video pills. And today it’s your turn to Mapi Domingo, one of the winemakers of the winery, although not one more, because her professionalism is such that she has been chosen oenologist […]

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