Two golds at the Proava awards for Mariluna and Pasión de Monastrell

Who has tried them knows that they are wines of gold and this has been evident in the Proava 2019 wine competition, which has raised as maximum winners in their respective categories Mariluna white and Pasión de Monastrell. But in addition, Mariluna red has obtained a silver medal and Pasión de Bobal rosé, a distinction, a special appointment that has not been given in any other category and that, exceptionally, has been granted this year by the proximity in the results between our wine and the third awarded.

Video | She is Mapi Domingo, winemaker and one of the pillars of our winery

As you know, throughout this year, that of our 20th anniversary, we are introducing you to several professionals from our winery in different video pills. And today it’s your turn to Mapi Domingo, one of the winemakers of the winery, although not one more, because her professionalism is such that she has been chosen oenologist of the year in the Valencian Community by the Valencian Association of Winemakers.

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Our enologist, Mapi Domingo, elected best winemaker of the year by AVE

Deserved? Well-deserved! And not because we love her very much and we can not be objective, at all… But because she is a great professional, with an excellent career and also, a wonderful companion. She is Mapi Domingo, who has been recognized as the Enologist of the Year of the Valencian Community by the Valencian Association of Winemakers (AVE).

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Draw! Win a bottle of Equilibrio Sauvignon Blanc, our new wine

Six years it has cost us to ‘create’ Equilibrio Sauvignon Blanc, can you believe it? It has been a whole task of care and attention to the vineyard, because we wanted to get the quality of grapes that required its preparation, and finally we have achieved, and this is the result.

It is a very elegant and fresh wine, that gives us aromas of tropical fruit, fennel and white flower. A wine that will fall in love with those who enjoy aromatic, balanced and fruity wines.

And to celebrate its birth we are going to draw 6 bottles of Equilibrio Sauvignon Blanc on our Facebook page.

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“Life is too short to drink bad wine”

| A wise

Video | Here you have Agustín, the incombustible manager of Bodega Sierra Norte in Jumilla

Agustín Navarro is responsible for Bodega Sierra Norte in Jumilla. There he is responsible for controlling the technical direction of the vineyard and supervising everything that happens in the winery. Come on, it does not stop!

He is incombustible and the passion for his work takes it also to his leisure time, since when he goes to those far trips that he likes to do, he always takes a bottle of wine, to share it with his companions of adventures in some special moment.

Today is our protagonist and in this video he tells us how is the work he develops in the winery :)

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Antonio, Mapi, Rosa, Jaime… They are some of our colleagues and you will soon meet them :)

Antonio, Rosa, Mapi, Cristian, Pili, Almudena, Agustín, Fernando, Jaime … They are part of our crew. Professionals who every day put the best of themselves to, from their respective responsibilities, contribute to the growth of Bodega Sierra Norte.
As you know, this year is the 20th anniversary of the winery, and it seemed like the perfect ‘excuse’ to introduce you to some of the people who make up this great family, and who at the same time could know the different professional roles that are given in a winery. For this reason we have prepared a series of video-pills that we will present throughout the year.
The protagonists will be:
Antonio Bosque, responsible for production.
Rosa Pardo, responsible for the financial department.
Agustín Navarro, responsible for the winery in Jumilla.
Mapi Domingo, winemaker.
Jaime Gil, responsible for quality.
Javier Pardo, winemaker.
Almudena Bolinches, responsible for the laboratory.
Cristian Ortiz, responsible for the winery and production.
Pili López, packing machine.
Fernando García, responsible for the winery in La Roda.
Toni Córcoles, national commercial director.
Manuel Olmo, manager and winemaker.
We hope you like them!

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The vines also cry

In March the vines cry… But they are not living any drama, the truth is that life returns to them after the period of dormancy in which they remain during the winter. We tell you why…

The action starts at the roots, which perceive more heat in the earth and begin to activate, generating activity in the form of sap. This begins to ascend to feed the plant and provide it with all the energy it needs for the tremendous work it has to undertake.

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“The best wine is not necessarily the most expensive, but the one that is shared

| A wise

Gold for Equilibrio 9 at Berliner Wein Trophy

The Monastrell grape is fashionable, and also, thanks to it, we can produce some wines of extreme quality very applauded in international competitions and renowned as the Berliner Wein Trophy. From there it is from where the last of our medals has come, the gold won by Equilibrio 9, a monovarietal wine from Monastrell that takes several vintages to win practically everything.

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